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Our  Day School took place at Edgbarrow Sports Centre, Sandhurst Road, Crowthorne RG45 7JL on Saturday 22nd April, 2017.

Teachers: Pat Houghton and Simon Wales

Musicians: Robert Mackay and Ian Robertson

There were 2 general classes, am & pm, followed by social class. The day finished at 5.15 pm.

Some pictures were taken during the day and have been added to the photo gallery

The dances taught during the day were:

Red Class Blue Class
AM with Pat Houghton AM with Simon Wales
The Glenora Ferry 40 bar Jig Terry Glasspool, An Itch to Dance Kendalls Hornpipe 32 bar Jig RSCDS Graded Book
The Windswept Moors 32 bar Strathspey Roy Goldring, Many Happy Hours, RSCDS Pretoria Branch Lady Glasgow 32 bar Strathspey RSCDS MMM
Cariboo Capers 32 bar Reel  John Lang, Vancouver 50th Anniversary Book
PM with Simon Wales PM with Pat Houghton
Marchioness of Blandford’s Reel 48 bar Jig RSCDS Book 21 Kiss under the Stairs 32 bar Jig RSCDS MMM
Alltshellach 32 bar Strathspey RSCDS Book 23 Village Reel 32 bar Strathspey RSCDS Book 20
Kingusie Flower 40 bar Reel RSCDS Book 21
Tweedside 36 bar 3/4 time RSCDS Book 19