The Group has its origins at Argyle Street School in the Kings Cross area of London in the early 1950s. For many years it has concentrated its activities on weekend schools, initially with walking during the day and some social dancing in the evening. To help the dancers tackle the evening programme some tuition was arranged during the day and by the 1970s the weekend schools were providing 2 classes for beginners and experienced dancers as well as the evening dances.

In 1990 it was decided to introduce a Day School to replace the May weekend where 3 teachers and musicians provide for all levels of dancer. Over the years the Argylls have provided an opportunity for new and lesser known teachers and musicians to teach and play and there are many who are now well known whose first public appearance was at an Argyll event.


It is unusual for a Scottish dancing group to draw its support from other than a carefully defined area. The Argylls however do just that and are well known for their welcome and friendliness.

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